Work Safety and the Most Dangerous Jobs

There has been a recent up-tick in interest about dangerous jobs. Reality television shows glamorize the lives of fishing-boat captains and truckers in frozen climes. The truth is that certain jobs come with a significant risk of death. Although certain jobs pay a premium for the danger associated with them, some of the most dangerous jobs are poorly compensated.

Commercial fishing has the highest incidence of worker death per capita. Logging workers suffer frequent deaths compared to other workers. Pilots and flight crews fare poorly. Steel workers suffer a disproportionate number of deaths. Farmers and ranchers fill out the top five list of deadly employment.

The most startling statistic about job-related deaths is the sheer number caused by transportation accidents. Three of the top five most-dangerous jobs have a majority of fatalities from transportation accidents. Workers in these jobs should take extra care to keep their vehicles in top shape, to wear safety belts, and be responsible at the controls.

If you find yourself working at a dangerous job, learning about work safety is vital. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the government department responsible for regulating workplace safety. If you hold a dangerous job and have a family, you should consider taking out term life insurance. Term life insurance is an affordable way to ensure that your loved ones do not suffer from the loss of your income if tragedy strikes.