Work Safety and Heavy Lifting

There are many hazards at work. Sometimes the smallest things are the ones that cause the most damage. If lifting heavy objects is one of your main jobs at work, hopefully you have the specialized equipment and training you need to perform the task safely. If it is merely a coincidental necessity at work, you must take care to perform the task slowly and safely. When you find that you need to move a filing cabinet or a box of materials, take a moment to consider the task at hand so that you do not end up at home using your disability insurance.

The first rule of lifting heavy objects is not to attempt to lift something too heavy or too large to grasp firmly. Ask for assistance in these cases. Survey the area and clear objects out of the way to ensure a smooth transition from one spot to another. When approaching the object, bend at the knees, not at the waist. Get a wide base with your feet. Bring the object as close to your body as possible. This will give you more support than holding something at arm’s length. You can also use your body as a third support for the item.

Get a firm grip and rise up with your legs. It is vital to keep your back straight. People who lift for a living often use back supports to ensure that their back remains unbent. If you are straining to lift the object, find another way. It is too heavy for you. Remove items from the box. Ask for help. You might also invest in some moving equipment like a dolly or other device to help you.