Work Safety and Access for the Disabled

Recent employment-rights acts passed by Congress mandate that employers make reasonable accommodations for their employees. There are also laws outlining the need for disabled access to goods and services. It is also good for business to expand access to all comers.

Wheelchair accessibility is one of the first accommodations to consider. Ramps can replace or enhance stairs. Modular ramps are an option depending on the steepness of the entrance. Entryways may need to be widened. Depending on your entryway, elevators or platform lifts may be necessary.

Consider indoor surfaces as well. Workers may require lowered work surfaces, and customers may require lowered display cases. Adjustable chairs and tables can be used to allow access for almost all employees.

One of the best ways to accommodate employees and customers is to talk about their needs with them. Find out what is getting in their way and how you can make their lives easier in your place of business.

Companies can invest in commercial general liability insurance to protect themselves against damage and property claims by customers and employees. Added accessibility can also mean added liability, so businesses should protect themselves.