Water Safety and Boating Safety Courses

So you’ve decided to buy a boat. Maybe it’s a little skiff with which you will fish in your neighborhood lake. Maybe it’s a larger yacht equipped for overnight stays, capable of ferrying you and friends through international waterways. Your next step should be to enroll in a boating-safety course. Boating responsibly requires common sense, experience, and specific knowledge.

There are many reasons to take a boating-safety course. Some states require a boating license to captain a large boat, and some states include a boating-safety course as a licensing prerequisite. If you violate maritime rules and regulations, states may require you to pay a fine and complete a boating-safety course to expunge the violation from your record. Most importantly, boating-safety courses give you the knowledge and the confidence to go out on the water and bring everyone home safely.

Boating-safety courses can take anywhere from several hours to several weekend days to complete. They cover everything from maritime regulations and what to do in case of emergencies to nautical vocabulary and risk management. They also cover the legal requirements of boat owners like boat insurance and life jackets. Knowing the rules regarding boat insurance and safety can save an owner a lot of money and grief if an accident happens on the water.

People that complete a boating-safety course must complete an exam to receive a certificate. In some cases the exam may be taken in lieu of showing up to class and completing the coursework. There is no such thing as too much information about boat safety. Boats are meant for enjoyment and having an accident on one is completely avoidable.


Water Safety and Boating Safety Courses
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