Utilizing News Sources to Stay Informed

We’ve spent a lot of time on personal safety while traveling because of the fact that when you’re out of your element, you’re more at risk. But for most people, the time spent traveling is miniscule compared to the time they spend in their own hometown. And there are plenty of risks to your personal safety right there, so it’s just as important to educate yourself and take precautions there as when you’re on the road. One of the main things you can do to protect yourself is to simply start paying more attention to crime reports in newspapers and on TV. Unfortunately, in today’s world of the internet, MySpace, cable, DVD players, mp3s, etc., more and more people are paying less and less attention to their local news. This isn’t a good change. There’s a wealth of information available from local sources about crime sprees, escaped criminals, the latest trends and “innovations’ in local crime, etc. You should avail yourself of this information, and use it to enhance your personal safety. You’ll get an idea of what parts of town to avoid, what bars and clubs are dangerous, and what the most common crimes in your area are, etc.

These are important things to know. In virtually every town or city in America, there are neighborhoods and areas that are much more dangerous than average and others that are much safer than average. You may think you know your city pretty well, but things are always changing. What was once a dangerous slum is now a gentrified yuppie enclave which is very low crime, and what just a few years was a nice middle class neighborhood is now experiencing carjackings and home invasions. This process of change is always happening everywhere, and you should keep yourself abreast of the changes. The best way to do this is to notice where most of the crimes are currently committed, not where they were happening when you grew up. In addition to TV and newspapers, many cities have websites where you can go and check out the actual crime statistics for different neighborhoods in your area. Everyone should take advantage of these websites, and use the information in their daily lives. Education and awareness are two pillars of personal safety that are virtually free, so don’t neglect them.


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