Travel Safety Quiz

Travel Safety Quiz

1. When traveling internationally, what is one way can you avoid being a robber’s target?

A: Make eye contact with anyone you think is suspicious.
B: Avoid wearing expensive clothing and jewelry.
C: Only use credit cards.
D: Travel in groups of two or more.

2. If you believe that you are being followed in your car, what should you do?

A: Drive straight to the police station.
B: Pull over and lock your doors.
C: Drive to a safe area and stay there until your follower leaves.
D: Call 911.

3. When choosing a hotel, what safety measure should you look for?

A: Windows that cannot be opened.
B: Emergency telephones in parking lots.
C: Electronic door keys.
D: Armed and uniformed security guards.

4. What is one of the safest ways to carry passports and money?

A: In a front pocket.
B: In a fanny pack.
C: In a purse that you hold in front of your body.
D: In a money belt worn under your clothes.

5. When traveling on an airplane, what should you do in the event of oxygen bags deploying?

A: Put yours on first and then assist others.
B: Help your seatmate put his or hers on and then put yours on.
C: Ask the flight attendant if you need to put it on.
D: Put yours on first unless you have a child, then put the child’s on first.

6. When driving long distances while traveling, what are you more at risk for?

A: Carjacking
B: Becoming drowsy while driving
C: Car breaking down
D: Running out of gas

7. If traveling by train, what should you never do?

A: Get up and move about.
B: Bring your own food onboard.
C: Try and open outside doors.
D: Drink alcohol while aboard.

8. Where is the safest place to store luggage?

A: In an overhead compartment above your seat.
B: Under your seat.
C: In an overhead compartment located away from your seat.
D: In a luggage compartment in the bottom or on the roof of the vessel.

9. When packing, what should you try not to do?

A: Pack in a suitcase that you can carry on.
B: Pack several of each item in case anything happens to one.
C: Bring as few valuables as possible.
D: Pack lightly so you can keep your hands free.

10. When you are away on a trip, how should you deter burglars from your home?

A: Leave a radio on inside the house.
B: Give a trusted friend or neighbor a key and have them check in on your house often.
C: Leave all of the lights on.
D: Continue receiving mail.

Answer key 1. B 2. C 3. C 4. D 5. A 6. B 7. C 8. A 9. D 10. B


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