Travel Safety and Your Valuables

When you go abroad, it is best to pack light. It never hurts to leave something behind to ensure that your possessions will be safe. Some valuables are too necessary and some are too precious to be left behind. When you are traveling, it is prudent to take extra care of your valuables.

Currency is always an attractive target for would-be thieves. A little research can let you know whether ATMs will be plentiful where you are going. Do not carry more cash than you need. ATMs allow you to take out small amounts of currency at a time and, nowadays, you can use your own bank’s ATM card to access a country’s currency. It is often easy to use a credit card for most purchases. Traveler’s checks are still an option for the cautious traveler.

Using a money belt allows you to carry currency and important documents (i.e., your passport) with confidence. At the hotel, you should take advantage of the safe. Some hotels have a safe for customers, and many provide safes in all guest rooms. Room safes can be programmed with a customer’s own code so only the guest can access his or her valuables.

Some people invest in traveler’s insurance. Many credit cards provide certain protection to cardholders’ possessions in certain situations and conditions. If you must travel with jewelry, it is wise to carry or take out jewelry insurance for the full value of the pieces in case of theft or loss.


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