Travel Safety and Skiing and Snowboarding Safety

For most of us, skiing and snowboarding are hobbies that we indulge in only a couple of times a season. Even going every year still adds up to a lot of time off of the mountain and getting rusty. Avoiding potentially injurious or fatal accidents requires prior knowledge and good judgment.

More than in any other activity, you must know your limits when skiing or snowboarding. Both require not only experience, but also physical conditioning. Staying in shape in the off season is important, as is taking it slow when you first hit the slopes. Only ride on slopes and in conditions that you have the experience to handle. Beginning skiers should not attempt to ski double-black-diamond trails simply because others in their party are doing so. Back-country skiing and non-groomed park areas are for advanced skiers and boarders only. Even experts might encounter unexpected difficulties in ungroomed terrain.

Maintain your equipment. Know how to adjust and fasten bindings properly. Many injuries occur because of equipment failure or the improper use of equipment. Before beginning a new season, take your equipment into the shop to have it serviced. Dress appropriately. If you are in an accident, you may be forced to wait in the snow for some time before the ski patrol can evacuate you.

Ski and board defensively. Look out for less-experienced riders and stop only in appropriate places, like on the edge of the run. Make sure to look up and down the hill before beginning your descent, and yield to traffic on the slope.

It is extremely important to carry health insurance if you ski or snowboard. Regardless of your level of experience, accidents happen. Permanent life insurance for family members protects you and your family from financial ruin following a deadly accident. Most of all, safe skiing and judicious boarding will likely make all precautions moot. Have fun and be careful.


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