Travel Safety and Going off the Beaten Path

Some people grow weary of traveling with hundreds of other gawking tourists. For them, an elevator ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower or a junket to Disneyworld does not satisfy their desire to explore the world and discover new vistas. Going off the beaten path, however, carries inconveniences and even risks. Well-traveled locations carry services and protections for travelers that far-flung destinations lack. Take some extra time to prepare for your trip away from the tourist route.

Carry copies of important documents like your passport, your entry visa, and relevant medical documents. It does not hurt to carry travel insurance as well, in case of injury or loss of property. It is also advisable to keep a friend or loved one in the loop as to your daily movements in case something should happen to you. Plan a time to email every couple of days if at all possible.

More adventurous trips take extra preparation. You should consult your doctor as to any vaccinations or medications you may need to travel in certain areas. Some courses of medication require months to complete, so go to your doctor early in your planning. Less-developed countries are less likely to provide access to clean drinking water and hospitalization. Rural areas come with their own brand of risks, such as mosquito-borne malaria and dangerous local fauna.

You should always seriously consider the recommendations of the United States State Department, which posts travel advisories on its website. It gives up-to-date accounts of whether a country has poor relations with the United States, if the country has decided to pull its diplomatic staff due to fears for their safety, and updates on epidemics, civil unrest, and crime waves.


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