Travel Safety and Getting Ripped Off

There are many hassles associated with traveling, both domestically and abroad. Delayed flights, lost luggage, and dropped reservations are just the tip of the iceberg. There are real and perceived dangers to your health and happiness. One of the worst feelings–and one that can sour people on travel–is having a local use his knowledge and cunning to rip you off. It can cause embarrassment and even worse–real financial harm.

When shopping abroad, you should do your research. Know the exchange rate. Find out about shopping customs like haggling and tipping. Many current guidebooks have information on things like taxi rates and hotel prices. These services are used heavily by tourists, so they are also frequent haunts of unscrupulous people looking to cash in on the inexperience of travelers.

Another major problem is counterfeiting. If you are buying a designer label, a traditional craft, or a supposed antique, then follow a simple maxim: buyer beware! There is a cottage industry in many tourist destinations of creating copies of valuable traditional arts and local antiques. Buyers for import/export companies do a good deal of due diligence when buying such products. They trace them to their source. You are not in such a position. You may want to consider that the Ming Dynasty vase you are buying was made just a few days before.

When shipping goods purchased overseas, buy cargo insurance to protect against damage during the trip. Even if you bring goods with you on the plane, they can still be insured for their value. If you take the proper precautions, traveling can be one of the true joys in life: exhilarating, mind opening, and safe. Sometimes, people get cheated. You should not beat yourself up over it.


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