Travel Safety and General Nuisances

When you travel, it is easy to become a target for a variety of conmen and thugs that prey on outsiders. Unsavory types looking to take advantage of someone who lacks the support of family and friends and is likely carrying something valuable can frequent airports, hotels, and tourist spots. A cautious traveler is a happy traveler.

Carry your valuables wisely. A passport, credit card, and some local currency can be handy as you explore. It would be an awful nuisance to lose any of them, though. A money belt is a safe, if cumbersome, place to hold these items. Crowded spaces, like lines for attractions or buses, can be home to pickpockets and baggage thieves. To protect against the loss of large sums of money, use ATMs frequently if they are available. They will give you local currency and you will not have to carry the expenses for your entire trip.

Travel with a reputable tour guide. Traveling with a group can provide an extra layer of safety and support. Tour guides can help you avoid dangerous situations and can help with local authorities if problems arise. It is important to hire only legitimate tour guides. Try asking at your hotel or another place of business instead of hiring from the street. Your guide cannot improve your safety if he is the one who is cheating you.

When traveling, it is best to find a taxi stand from which to catch a taxi. Consult a guidebook to learn the local taxi culture and what prices are reasonable. Negotiate fares beforehand and do not be afraid to get out of the car if the fare is unacceptable. When traveling in the United States, only take official taxis that have driver information posted in the taxi. Official taxi companies carry fleet insurance and can be sued in the case of a driver violation or loss of property. The most important thing is to know where you are going.


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