Tips for Safe Use of Lighters and Matches

Your lighter should always be in your pocket or another safe place when you’re not using it. It’s too easy to forget it and wander off, leaving it there for little hands to get. If you have this habit, start breaking it right away. Some fire safety experts recommend that you never let small children see you use matches or lighters, as doing so tends to arouse their curiosity.

To small kids, fire is a mysterious and fascinating thing, and to be able to make fire by themselves is a natural desire when they see you doing it. This might be a tough one for smokers, as it’s pretty hard to never let them see you light a cigarette. But you can certainly keep them from getting your lighter. Besides your own pocket, the only other place these things should be found are high up in cabinets which small kids can’t reach.

In a minute, we’ll discuss ways of talking with your children about fire, but let’s stay on smoking for a minute. It’s absolutely appalling in this day and age that smoking in bed is one of the main causes of house fires, but it’s true. Hundreds of people die every year in America from this very thing. A person can understand that it’s impossible to watch kids every minute, and when they start a fire by playing with lighters, it’s tragic, but one can see how it could happen. But for an adult to burn a house down by smoking in bed is simply negligent. It’s senseless and stupid. There’s only one thing to say about it – never ever smoke while lying down. Not just in bed, but on the floor, a couch, a recliner, wherever. You may not feel tired, but we’ve all dozed off unexpectedly. Don’t ever smoke while lying down. Period!


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