The Car

Besides not traveling alone, there are other steps you can take to increase your personal safety while out of town. If you’re traveling by car, make sure it’s in good working order. Not only will this contribute to your safety as far as crime, but it will also mean you’ll have much less risk of being in an accident or having a breakdown and losing valuable time, as well as spending lots of money on towing and out of town mechanics. So before you set off on your trip, be sure your vehicle is road worthy. Check the tires. Do they still have lots of tread left? If not, replace them. And make sure they’re inflated to proper levels. If the pressure is too low or too high it can be dangerous.

Also have your battery checked, and if it’s low, replace it with a new one. How about your belts and hoses? These are some of the biggest causes of cars breaking down. When your car breaks down, your personal safety is at risk in more ways than one, especially when you’re away from home. So have the belts and hoses inspected by a reliable mechanic before you go on a long trip, especially if you’re driving an older vehicle. You can also look under the engine and other parts of the car for drips and leaks. Sometimes these are no big deal, but often they’re a sign of serious mechanical trouble. If you find any, have them checked out for your own peace of mind. Of course, any strange noises or other oddities should be thoroughly investigated before leaving on a trip. Again, they may be nothing, but they could be very serious, so don’t ignore any strange behavior from your car. You’ll also want to have a spare tire, and a jack, and preferably not an emergency spare, but a regular-sized spare tire. There are also several products on the market which will instantly inflate a flat tire, and enable you to drive somewhere to get it fixed without having to change it yourself. You may want to consider purchasing a can, especially if you think you might have trouble changing a tire. You should also keep a bright flashlight in your car, and make sure the batteries are in good shape. A flashlight can be a real live saver in all kinds of dangerous situations.


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