Second Leading Cause of Work-Related Deaths

The second leading cause of work-related fatalities is even more surprising. In fact, it’s downright shocking. Homicide is the second most common cause of death at work, and for women it’s the number one cause. Murder, it goes without saying, is the biggest work safety risk of all. Whatever you can do to reduce your chances of being murdered on the job is a good thing. Some jobs, of course, are more dangerous than others when it comes to being killed. For law enforcement and security personnel, the risk of being killed on the job is always there, unfortunately.

But those fine professionals have their own highly specialized work safety policies, and we would never attempt to advise them on what to do to reduce their risks. But for ordinary civilians there are certainly a few things you can do. Number one is to avoid high risk occupations. Taxi drivers are in a very dangerous job, as you no doubt are aware from the headlines of big city newspapers. Although odds are most cabbies won’t be killed, it’s a very rare cab driver indeed who can drive for years without being assaulted or having a gun pulled on him. If work safety is important to you, don’t drive a cab. Pizza delivery drivers and other delivery drivers are also at high risk for being robbed, assaulted, or killed. Unless you really need the money, it’s advised that you steer clear of these occupations. Convenience store clerk is another high risk occupation. All of these jobs can be made immensely more dangerous by doing them at night, or in high crime areas, or both. Try to avoid taking these jobs if at all possible. If you must take one because there are few other options, then try to avoid working alone as much as possible, and be on the constant lookout for trouble.


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