Safety in the Hotel

While you’re in the hotel, your personal safety should always be top priority. When you register, the desk clerk should not tell you your room number out loud, especially if there are other people around. If the clerk does announce your room number to the whole lobby, insist that you be given another room. When requesting a room, you’ll reduce your chances of being a crime victim if you ask for a room that’s not on the ground floor. Almost all finer motels and hotels now use electronic lock systems. These are much safer than old fashioned key systems, and you should avoid staying at establishments that haven’t made the switch. Be sure and ask about that when making reservations over the phone. You should always thoroughly inspect a room upon first entering; if you’re a woman traveling alone, someone from the hotel staff should accompany you for this purpose. Your door should have a dead bolt lock; if it doesn’t, you need to find somewhere else to stay. Whatever kind of door locks you have, make sure you lock them all as soon as you’re in the room and keep them locked. Don’t ever prop the door open for any reason, no matter how hot or cold you are. Your personal safety is more important than temporary comfort. Likewise, you should never open a hotel or motel door unless you’re absolutely positive who’s on the other side. If the person identifies themselves as maintenance or security personnel or other staff, and you haven’t requested them, you should not let them in until you’ve called the front desk and verified that they are who they say they are. This is a common scheme criminals use to gain entrance without a key. Don’t let it happen to you.


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