Romance at Work

Another practice that can cause big problems in work safety is dating and romance at work. This used to be frowned on, and in many companies explicitly prohibited. We all know couples who are happily married who met at work, but we probably know far more that could tell horror stories of romances and love triangles gone horribly wrong at work. And many work place homicides, especially with female victims, have resulted from people dating at work. It may be tempting to date your coworkers, but it’s really not a good idea. If things end badly, then you have to face the other person every day of the week. If things go well, you risk creating resentment on the part of other coworkers who may have been interested in either one of you. It may sound old fashioned and uptight, but with the second leading cause of work place deaths being homicide, it’s strongly advised that you don’t date at work, or have office affairs. Avoid it, and in the long run you’ll be happier and safer.


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