Preventative Measures: Mice

You have other options, too, especially if your repetitive work involves a computer work station. Key strokes are a factor in RSI, such as typing and data entry, but they aren’t the only factors. Another big work safety problem area is using a computer mouse. If you use a mouse a lot at work, you’re using muscles and tendons in ways that you rarely use them in other parts of your life. It seems strange and counter intuitive that moving a mouse back and forth a few inches, or right clicking or left clicking can cause such big problems, but it’s true. If you’re having a problem along these lines, one thing you can do is use keyboard shortcuts. Most mouse functions can be duplicated by using a key or combination of keys on your computer keyboard. Learn these and use them.

They make take longer at first, but eventually you’ll get faster, and your hands and wrists will thank you. In addition, there are more and more companies creating work safety products, and there are lots of different kinds of computer mice you can use, many of which are much more comfortable and a lot less stressful to use. These companies use research and development to figure out what’s causing wrist and hand injuries, and then they develop a mouse that’s designed to avoid the causes. Many of them are shaped differently than a regular computer mouse. It’s even possible to purchase a computer mouse that’s foot operated. Just like keyboard shortcuts, these products take some getting used to, and it takes a while before your productivity is what it was with the old mouse. The learning curve isn’t long though, and once you’re up to speed with healthy hands and wrists, you’ll wonder how you ever did things the old way. So talk to your office supervisor if this seems like an option you’d like to try.


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