Pleasure boat accidents

Many people find recreation and relaxation in boating, but this pastime can be dangerous if it is not pursued in a conscientious and informed manner. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of severe and fatal injuries involving pleasure boats every year. For instance, in 2005 in the United States there were 697 fatal boating injuries, or 5.4 injuries for every 100,000 registered boats. Most of those who died in boating accidents drowned, and authorities believe that over 400 of these lives could have been saved if the individuals had been wearing lifejackets. In general, most boating accidents involve collisions with other vessels, although falling overboard is also a common mishap while on the water. About half of the injuries in 2005 were aboard open motorboats, although there was a significant increase in the proportion of injuries sustained on personal watercraft. In about a quarter of the fatal boating accidents, alcohol was determined to have played a significant role, and in the majority of these accidents the boat operator had not received any training in boat safety. The most commonly cited cause of boating accidents was reckless operation, followed by operator inattention, excessive speed, and operator inexperience.

When you are involved in a boating accident, the law stipulates that you must fill out a formal, written report. According to the law, a boating accident is any situation in which a life is lost; someone is injured and requires care beyond first aid; there is damage to the vessel or to other property; or any person on board a vessel disappears. Such accidents include, but are not limited to: collisions; capsizing; explosions; fire; sinking; flooding; and passenger disappearance. If people are injured in the accident, the report must be filed within 48 hours of the accident; if the only damage is to the vessel and/or other property, the report must be filed within ten days.


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