Personal Safety While Traveling

Personal safety is an important factor to consider while traveling. You should always be looking out for your personal safety, but you should be even more concerned when you’re traveling. Whether you’re out of town on a business trip, visiting friends and family, or just exploring the beauty of this great nation, when you’re away from home, you’re out of your element. You don’t know the way around town or the high crime areas to avoid, so you’re more vulnerable than at home. But there are plenty of things you can do to protect yourself on the road. One of the best ways of increasing your personal safety while traveling is to travel with others. If at all possible, avoid traveling by yourself. Not only will you have a more enjoyable trip, but you’re much less likely to be victimized.

Criminals are far more likely to target and attack a lone individual than they are to go after a pair or a group. The larger the group, the safer it is. If you’re traveling in a new city for a convention and you’ve got the desire to explore, try to organize a group of several people to go with you. Crime experts say that for every additional person in the group, your personal safety is greatly increased, and the odds of your being victimized are greatly decreased. Interviews with career criminals in prison reveal the same thing – they always prefer targeting someone who’s alone rather than a group of people. The more people they’re involved with, the more work there is, along with a greater likelihood that something can go wrong. So listen to the cops and the criminals, and avoid traveling alone when possible. There may be times when you can’t avoid traveling by yourself, and if that’s the case, be extra careful. Don’t go trekking off by yourself into unknown parts without a guide. Many cities have guided walking tours and bus tours of interesting neighborhoods and points of interest. Go to a library or bookstore before your trip, or get on the internet, and you’ll discover all kinds of things you can do with other people while you’re in a different city. But as much as possible for your own personal safety, try to travel with other people. And this advice isn’t meant just for women. While women are certainly more vulnerable because of their size and strength, men traveling alone also face much greater risks than when traveling in groups. No one, man or woman, should be traveling alone if it’s at all possible to avoid it.


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