Miscellaneous Work Safety Tips

We can’t stress it enough – work safety is your own responsibility. Yes, coworkers have responsibilities when it comes to your safety, and employers have responsibilities and legal obligations for your safety, but when it comes right down to where the rubber meets the road, you’ve got to take ownership of making sure your work environment is a safe one. No one else can do it for you. And whenever you’re at work, safety should be foremost in your mind. You should have the attitude that “It’s up to me to be safe, and I’m going to do it”. Know how to use the equipment you’re given in a safe manner. Know the risks and hazards of any equipment or material you work with, and if you don’t, don’t work with them. If you’re told to do something that is highly unsafe, refuse to do it, and explain the safety hazards involved to your boss. Take it upon yourself to keep passageways and aisles clear, and floors free of debris.

Dress correctly for your job, and learn safe positions and postures so you don’t injure yourself. Use all safety equipment your company provides, and if there’s any you need but don’t have, ask them to get it. Know where Material Safety Data Sheets are and know how to use them. Know where all fire extinguishers are. Know what to do to be safe in case of a fire or tornado. Educate yourself, and stay abreast of changes in your industry. Keep track of safety innovations and injury and accident trends with any equipment you work with. And take your safety concerns to supervisors and managers. If they won’t listen, go to their supervisors and managers. If no one will listen, you haven’t exhausted all your options when it comes to improving work safety. Most states, and some cities, have departments of Occupational Safety and Health, just like the federal government has OSHA. You can take your safety complaints to the state or federal level if you get no satisfaction at work. Do what you have to in order to make sure you have a safe work place, because in the end it’s your responsibility, and yours alone, to make sure you’re safe.


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