Miscellaneous Fire Safety Tips

Those are the basics of fire safety: prevention, education, detection, and response. None of them are very expensive, and most don’t take any time at all. You should always have fire safety on your mind, and be keeping an eye out for fire hazards and unsafe practices. Train your children in the basics of fire safety, and have rules for friends and family when they visit. Enforce the rules, gently but firmly.

No one should have any problems with you doing so, and if they do, it’s their problem, not yours. It’s always best to have a checklist in your head that you go over every night before going to sleep. Make sure all unnecessary appliances are off. Fire safety experts actually recommend that any appliance be unplugged any time it’s not in use, even TV’s, computers, and stereos. That’s a good safety practice, but a lot of people don’t follow it. You’ll have to decide for yourself if you want to make it your habit. See to it that all candles and fireplace embers are extinguished. Any space heaters in bedrooms should be a safe distance from the bed, and from anything else that might catch fire.

Washers and dryers shouldn’t be used when everyone’s asleep. All cigarettes and cigars should be doused with water and discarded from ashtrays before retiring. Shut all bedroom doors, and make sure rooms and hallway floors are clear of obstructions, in case there is a fire. One thing that is a bit more expensive than our other recommendations, but well worth your consideration, is an interior sprinkler system. They do cost a bit, but they’re getting cheaper all the time. When smoke or flames are detected, they activate and wet everything down. Fire safety experts say that if every home had working detectors and sprinklers, we’d have hardly any home fire deaths in America. It’s something to consider, and if you can afford a sprinkler system, the peace of mind is well worth the investment.


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