Home Safety and Pools

Pools can add value to any home or property. Above-ground pools and in-ground pools, hot tubs, and spas all can be places of escape and comfort for their owners. They are also dangerous areas for untended children and can cause liabilities for homeowners. Homeowners should be very cautious when it comes to pool safety.

Children are the most vulnerable members of the family when it comes to pools. They should never be left unattended by the side of the pool. If there is a pressing matter like a phone call that needs to be taken, take the children out of the pool and bring them inside. Your pool is also a danger to neighborhood children and animals. A fence should surround your pool area to give you control over who and what enters the pool. You should also consider covering your pool or spa when it is not in use.

Children who are strong swimmers are safer around pools than those who are not. Teach your children to swim. Send them for swimming classes. You should also consider learning CPR for a worst-case scenario.

When you are buying a home with a pool, along with other formalities like buying title insurance and going through escrow, you will want to have the pool inspected by a licensed professional. All pool systems should be functioning and well protected. Pool drains create tremendous suction and should be caged in to prevent children or even adults from getting stuck.

If you drain your pool for maintenance or cleaning, be sure to demarcate the area clearly. Use bright-colored markers to signal that the open pool should be avoided. Take responsibility for making your pool a safe place for everyone.