Home Safety and Infestation

One of the worst feelings a homeowner can have is the sudden realization that he is not alone in his home. Hearing the scurry of tiny feet, finding a trail of droppings on a countertop or kitchen surface, seeing a shadowy speck moving across a dimly lit floor–all of these mean your home has been invaded by vermin. Whether they are rats, ants, or bedbugs, a serious case of infestation can be dangerous for you and your family.

Vermin are potent vectors for bacteria and disease. They can contaminate food and water. Many bite and can cause inflammation, swelling, or worse. They are dangerous to family pets, children, and adults. All in all, they are to be avoided.

The first step is to stop and assess the damage. Clean areas that have been touched and trace the infestation back to its source. The infestation might be small and able to be remedied using tried and true methods that are safe for your family. Some creatures can be repelled using unpleasant but safe materials like vinegar.

Know your enemy. Research the creature that is infesting your home and find out the best ways to deal with it. Some infestations are worse than others and you cannot afford to try ineffective remedies while they spread. Bedbugs, for instance, are extremely resilient pests that spread from home to neighboring home. The best course of action in some instances is to use serious chemicals quickly and effectively.

Using chemicals can rid your home of infestation, but they bring their own dangers. Children or family pets might ingest chemicals left behind after fumigation or a visit by an exterminator. Thorough cleaning of surfaces, bedclothes, furniture, and appliances should follow the use of chemicals.

If you run a business out of your home, an infestation could seriously curtail profits. It may make your home office completely unacceptable for a significant period of time. Plan ahead and protect your home and business with home business insurance.