Home Safety and Hurricanes

Hurricanes cause billions of dollars in damage yearly. Hurricanes originate in tropical areas and are concentrated during the late summer in the Gulf of Mexico. Homeowners and people who rent homes should take some precautions to mitigate damage and injury from hurricanes.

When buying a home on the Gulf Coast or relocating there from another region, it is important to prepare your home for hurricane season. Windows need to be covered, either with permanent shutters or by temporarily boarding them up. You can limit exterior damage by keeping trees and hedges clipped and free from dead branches. When a hurricane alert occurs, you can also limit damage by placing sandbags around entrances and thresholds.

Homes on the water have to take special precautions. These areas are typically the first to be evacuated. Homeowners here should probably opt for permanent shutters to protect windows. They must also take extra pains to maintain their seawall. In addition, they must figure out what to do with their watercraft. Small watercraft should be secured and can be stored in a garage or other shelter. Large watercraft need to be secured loosely, but strongly, to their moorings. All boat owners should carry watercraft insurance.

Finally, you will need to secure the inside of your home. Valuables and important documents should be stored high above the ground, on the second floor or in an attic so that they will not be destroyed by floodwaters. In addition, supplies should be kept on hand (water, canned food, flashlights, a radio, gloves, a first aid kit, etc.) in case there is a power outage or services are affected for a long time.