Home Invasion Safety Quiz

Home Invasion Safety Quiz

1. How is home invasion different from burglary?

A: Home invasion usually happens when the house is empty.
B: Home invasion is most often perpetrated by a single individual.
C: Burglary is illegal.
D: Burglary usually happens when the house is empty.

2. What is the most common entry place of a home invader?

A: A second-story window.
B: A first-story window.
C: The back door or side door.
D: The front door or garage.

3. What is the most common way a home invader gains entry to a house?

A: By kicking in a door.
B: By breaking a window.
C: By ringing the doorbell or knocking on the door.
D: By pretending to be someone the residents know.

4. How do home invaders gain control of a house?

A: With violence or the threat of violence.
B: By reassuring the residents they will not be hurt.
C: By locking the residents in one room.
D: With the threat of robbery.

5. In a house, what should be on all doors leading outside?

A: Chain bolts
B: Deadbolts
C: Peepholes
D: Doorknob locks

6. What is the most common intention of home invaders?

A: Murder
B: Sexual assault
C: Robbery
D: Kidnapping

7. If someone does gain entry to your house, what should you do?

A: Run
B: Fight back
C: Comply
D: Scream

8. What is one method that home invaders use to remove goods at night without drawing the attention of neighbors?

A: Driving away in the homeowner’s car.
B: Driving away in a delivery truck or van.
C: Leaving goods in a nearby spot to be retrieved later.
D: Calling a cab.

9. How can a resident help aid in a police search for home invaders?

A: By trying to capture the home invaders.
B: By alerting the local news media.
C: By paying attention to what the home invaders take.
D: By looking at the faces of the home invaders.

10. What does a resident NOT need to be wary of when someone approaches their door?

A: A delivery that they are not expecting.
B: A neighbor dropping by.
C: Someone in distress asking for help.
D: A solicitor for a charity or other organization.

Answer key 1. D 2. D 3. C 4. A 5. B 6. C 7. C 8. A 9. D 10. B


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