General Safety and Credit-Card Safety

It is a brave new world of shopping. In just the past few years it has become possible to buy just about any item in the world and have it shipped to your home. You can order an entire wardrobe, shoes and all, try them on and send back the items that do not fit–all without leaving the comfort of your own living room.

Some people will not use their credit cards online. There is wisdom in this approach. If you want to buy something online, check for a phone number on the website and order over the phone. This still requires a degree of trust, but you are not going to have your number stolen by hackers in a foreign country. In-person and over-the-phone shopping are still safer than the Internet.

Do not respond to email offers or solicitations with a payment by credit card. When online shopping, you should initiate all business. It also helps to shop with established companies that have seller ratings and are equipped to handle fraud claims.

You can use an online payment account instead of a credit card to pay for goods online. This adds another layer of security to the transaction. Avoid identity theft by shredding all credit-card bills and anything with personal information before you throw it away. Pay attention to your credit-card bills. Look through the itemized charges for any suspicious activity. If you see something that you did not pay for, call your bank or card company immediately. It never hurts to contest the charges.

If you run your own business and take credit cards, you have your own list of concerns about credit-card safety. These can be largely mitigated through the use of accounts receivable insurance. This will ensure that any non-payment of funds will not result in a need to stop business or leave bills unpaid.


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