Explaining Fire Safety Rules to Children

Besides keeping lighters and matches away from children, what else can you do to instill the concepts of fire safety in them? There are lots of things. If they know what matches and lighters are, lay down the law to them that they must never, under any circumstances, use them or play with them.

If they should happen to find them, they should bring them directly to you. If your child ever does bring them to you, make sure to praise them profusely, and make it clear how proud you are of them. You should also make it clear to them in just the same way that if they find any of their friends, or any other children, playing with matches or lighters, that they’re to come straight to you or the nearest adult and let them know. Stress that doing so doesn’t make them a tattletale, but a child who’s growing up. For most children, this isn’t a problem. But you may need to explain to younger children just how much damage fire can do, and that it can make their house and toys go away, and hurt them and their family very badly.

Tell them that even though a small lighter flame doesn’t look very big, it can get very big very fast. There’s no need to go into gory detail, but get it into their little heads that fire is a very, very dangerous thing. Almost all of them can grasp the idea and take it to heart. You’ll also want to explain other fire safety rules to them. Explain that they should never play with electrical cords, or outlets, or try to stick things into the outlets. They’ll need to know that the stove and oven are off limits to little people, and that playing with the stove or oven is just as dangerous as playing with matches or lighters. Explain to them how fires can start in different ways, and they should never put things on top of anything hot, like a lamp or a space heater. Most kids are pretty sharp, and they’ll understand if you take time to explain the rules about fire safety. That’s all it takes – talking to your kids about fire and its dangers, making sure they know the rules, and keeping lighters and matches away from them.


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