Dangers Posed By Cords to Infants and Children

Moving on to the rest of the house, the next step is to make sure that there are no cords from blinds or curtains that the baby could get tangled in. It only takes a second to get them wrapped around a tiny little neck. The same thing goes for toys or anything else that might have a long cord attached. These need to be kept out of reach of babies, as their lack of coordination can easily result in them wrapping it around their neck.

One of the big safety hazards for children is electrical cords, and electrical outlets. Make absolutely sure that cords are not frayed or damaged. Arrange the furniture in a way that prevents the baby from being able to reach these cords and outlets, as the risks of electrical shock and burns are very great. Doing so also ensures that the baby won’t be pulling lamps and appliances down on top of themselves. For any outlets not in use, an outlet cover should be in place at all times. When ironing, keep the baby away from the ironing board, and never leave the room with the board still set up if the baby is on the floor, not even for a second. Babies can move faster that you realize, and a quick trip to another room is plenty of time for them to pull the whole thing down on themselves, causing a serious burn, injury, or even death.