Car Safety: Weather Concerns

Weather also plays a big factor in car safety. Many traffic accidents are weather related, and could have been avoided by allowing for the weather conditions and driving in an appropriate manner. Precipitation not only badly reduces visibility, it also makes it much harder to stop. Always slow down when it’s raining or snowing and leave even more distance than usual between your car and the one in front of you. If the precipitation is heavy, try to get off the road.

You should have an emergency kit in your car, especially in the winter time. In addition to a cell phone, you’ll need a basic first aid kit, some blankets, bottled water, and some energy bars at a minimum. Leave it in the car and don’t use it unless you’re stranded and you really need it. It’s especially important in bad weather that you have a full tank of gas. If you get stranded, you may need to run the car to keep warm so always fill up when you get down to half a tank. Pay attention to weather reports before departing and while driving. Conditions can change rapidly, and you’ll need to be aware when they do. This is especially true in tornado season. If there’s a tornado watch or warning, don’t go out in a vehicle unless absolutely necessary. If you see a tornado while driving, should you try to outrun it? Most car safety experts say no – you should get out of your vehicle and lay down in a low area, such as a ditch. It may be possible to outrun a tornado and people have done it, but many have been killed while trying it.


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