Car Safety: The Distractions Faced

Driving is hazardous enough as it is with being surrounded by massive pieces of metal moving at high rates of speed. You can’t afford to take your eyes off the road. Every day it seems as if there’s a new way of distracting yourself while driving however. When cars were first invented, they were bare bones vehicles designed for one thing – to get you rapidly from one place to another. It wasn’t long before the first AM radio appeared in cars, which made long trips more pleasant.

Then came FM radio, then 8 track players and cassettes, then compact discs. About fifteen years ago, cell phones become much more affordable and you began to see more and more drivers with one. Now they’re in almost every car. Then came mp3 players. That was followed by the craze of text messaging with cell phones. And now, car makers offer DVD players in the back seats for the kids as standard equipment on some models, and more and more people are having them installed up front so they can watch TV while they drive! Notebook computers and wireless internet have made it possible to use computers and actually surf the internet while driving. These are all things that take your focus off of the road, and many of them are so dangerous that it makes you wonder about the sanity of a person who would try them while driving. The idea that someone can safely operate an automobile while watching a movie, sending a text message, or surfing the internet is ludicrous. It’s also very deadly.


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