Car Safety: Road Rage

Another possible threat to your safety while you’re in a car is what’s come to be known as “road rage”. You’re no doubt familiar with the phenomenon, so there’s no need to recount specific incidents here. The important thing for you to do with regard to road rage incidents is to avoid them at all costs.

Once something has escalated to the point that someone is threatening you with physical violence, it’s often too late. Of course, you should never get out of a car if someone is challenging you to a fight or is screaming at you. The best thing to do is to stay in your car and refuse to escalate the conflict. Don’t do anything that will further antagonize the person. Even if they begin damaging your car, don’t get out. Use the cell phone you should always have in your car to call 911.

Even if you’re bigger than they are, they may have a weapon so don’t attempt to fight them. Again, your best way of avoiding a scene like this is to drive with courtesy and safety and watch out for other drivers. Don’t cut in and out of traffic, don’t tailgate, don’t run red lights, and don’t ever make an angry or obscene gesture at another person. A big part of defensive driving is non-offensive driving. Don’t curse any other drivers, either audibly or inaudibly. It’s fine to think whatever you want, but don’t give anyone with lip reading skills an excuse to come after you. Use common sense and treat other motorists with the respect you’d like them to give you.


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