Car Safety Quiz

Car Safety Quiz

1. What is the primary cause of automobile accidents?

A: Distractions (cell phones, looking for something in the car, etc.).
B: Bad weather.
C: Speeding.
D: Drunk driving.

2. Children should sit in the back seat while riding in a car until what milestone?

A: Until they are 4’9”.
B: Until they are 8 years old.
C: Until they are 12 years old.
D: It is up to the parent.

3. When is it most difficult for drivers to see properly?

A: Dawn
B: Midday
C: Twilight
D: Night

4. What should a driver do in the case of skidding?

A: Increase pressure on the gas pedal.
B: Ease off the gas.
C: Brake immediately.
D: Pump the brake pedal quickly.

5. If a school bus is stopped in the road, you should:

A: Slow down.
B: Only stop if you see a child crossing the road.
C: Stop only if you are immediately behind the bus.
D: Come to a complete stop until the bus’s stop sign is retracted.

6. What should you do if your car catches on fire?

A: Turn off the engine and get as far from the car as possible.
B: Open the hood and try to smother the fire with a blanket.
C: Call 911 from inside the car.
D: Pour water on the fire.

7. What is the safest way to drive near pedestrians?

A: Slow down when a pedestrian crosses the street.
B: Stop only if a pedestrian is crossing in a crosswalk.
C: Stop when a pedestrian is crossing the road—in or out of a crosswalk.
D: The driver has the right-of-way and the pedestrian should stop.

8. When should drivers and passengers wear seatbelts?

A: At all times.
B: If the speed of the car exceeds 25 mph.
C: Only the driver should wear a seatbelt.
D: During heavy traffic.

9. What should you do if you encounter an aggressive driver?

A: Respond in kind.
B: Try to get out of their way.
C: Pull over until they pass.
D: Call the police to report them.

10. If you become drowsy, you should:

A: Turn music up loud.
B: Drink a caffeinated beverage.
C: Call someone on the phone.
D: Pull over and get out of the car to walk around.

Answer key 1. A 2. C 3. C 4. B 5. D 6. A 7. C 8. A 9. B 10. D


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