Car Safety: Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Another thing to watch out for is pedestrians and people on bicycles. Even if they’re being rude and disobeying traffic laws – crossing against a red, moving in and out of lanes, riding six abreast, etc. – always yield the right of way to them. And even when they’re obeying all laws, keep an eye on them. You’ll want to know where they are at all times. Another car safety consideration along these lines deals with parking along a street.

Did you know that in many areas it’s technically against the law to exit a car parked on the street from the driver’s side? You’re supposed to get out on the sidewalk side. These laws are archaic and are rarely enforced, but they bring up a good point. Always have a good look around before you open your door to get out when you’re parked on the street. If a moving car is too close to you, or if God forbid a bicyclist is coming toward you, definitely do not open your door. So practice car safety even when you’re parked, and look before opening your door.


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