Car Safety: Lane Changing Etiquette

While we’re on the topic of tailgating and car safety, this is a good time to point out that on multi-lane roads, especially freeways, you should only be in the far left lane to pass. Once you’ve passed the car in front of you, get over. No one should ever stay in the far left lane. Doing so is not only extremely rude (not to mention illegal), it can also be extremely dangerous. You invite tailgaters and enraged drivers when you’re blocking the left lane. Stay out of it, except to pass. Along these same lines, watch out for “lane changers”, especially in heavy traffic.

Because of blind spots, moving sideways in a car is particularly dangerous. Some people are extremely impatient and seem to think that traffic is going to flow much faster in the other guy’s lane. Even though they were just over there and switched to your lane! Don’t be a lane changer and if you see one, steer clear. Slow down so that they’re well ahead of you, and try to keep them in front of you so that you can see what they’re doing. And if you see one in your rearview mirror approaching from behind, be careful and watch them closely. Also pay attention to turn signals and flashers.

If someone one is trying to get over and you can safely let them, you should do so. People trying to make an exit at the last minute do crazy things like cut across three lanes at once. So be cooperative and work with people who are courteously signaling that they need over. Of course, “lane changers” are notorious for not signaling.


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