Car Safety: Don’t Drink and Drive

What is the number one problem when it comes to car accidents in America? As you might’ve guessed from above, it’s drinking and driving. It’s still the biggest car safety problem in America, by far. Even though we’ve made much progress on this problem in the last twenty years, thanks to groups like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, the number of people killed and injured in this country due to drunk drivers is still shockingly high. And the progress we’ve made seems to have leveled off in the past few years. If you learn nothing else about car safety, remember this: don’t get behind the wheel of an automobile if you’ve had any more than just a tiny amount of alcohol, and don’t allow anyone else to if you can prevent it.

If you’re going to a bar or a club to have a few drinks, someone who’s not drinking should be along to drive you home. If not, call a taxi. You may have to go back and pick up your car the next day, but it’s worth it. Another option is a “ride home” service, so you won’t have to come back and retrieve your vehicle. In more and more cities, these businesses are popping up and they provide a valuable service. The way it works is that if you’ve been drinking at a bar or club and you shouldn’t drive, one of their employees will ride over to the establishment on a collapsible bicycle or scooter, get your keys, put you in the car and the bike in the trunk, and then drive you home. You pay him, he gives your keys back, and then takes back off on his bike. You’re home safely, your car’s at home, and you didn’t get a DUI.

It’s the ultimate in car safety when you’ve been drinking. It’s ingenious, and the idea is spreading like wildfire. There’s a good chance there’s one in your town. You should never be out drinking without a designated driver, but if you are, ask the bartender if he knows of such a service. And just as you should never get behind the wheel of a car if you’ve been drinking, you should never get into a car that’s being operated by someone who’s been drinking. It’s just too dangerous. If you’re ever in a situation like this, you should first attempt to dissuade your friend from driving at all. But if they insist, then by no means should you join them in their foolish and dangerous behavior. They may get angry, but when they’ve sobered up they’ll admit you were right (assuming they make it home safely). Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, and they sure don’t ride in the same car with them while they’re doing it. Alcohol and car safety don’t mix, and if you remember that and act on it, you’ll greatly reduce your chances of being in an auto accident, or winding up in jail with a ruined driving record and a sky high insurance rate.


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