Car Safety and Responsibility for an Accident

Car accidents happen. They usually occur due to some form of driver error. Causes range from driver fatigue, inattention, or drunkenness, to bad road conditions, aggressive driving, or some distraction within the vehicle. In some instances the driver in error might be you.

Driving safely is your responsibility. Know the road conditions and your own driving ability. When driving long distances, plan ahead and stop often if necessary. Avoid distractions like texting, eating, or refereeing children’s arguments while you are driving. Most of all, take responsibility for what you are doing. You should drive responsibly and defensively.

Most states require car owners to carry insurance. All states require car owners to demonstrate the financial ability to pay for the damages from an accident. Some states have no-fault insurance. With no-fault insurance, qualified drivers receive compensation from their insurance companies regardless of who caused the accident. In states with fault insurance coverage, insurance companies can withhold payment for drivers deemed at fault in an accident. You should know what coverage you have, and you may want to get some personal injury protection insurance just in case.

If you are arrested because you are responsible for an accident, you may be able to leave custody after booking by posting bail bonds with the court. A bail bond is a down payment on bail, which is set at booking. It guarantees a suspect will return to the court for his court date. The amount of bail will depend on your driving history, the severity of your driving infraction, and any criminal record you may have.


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