Benefits of a Cell Phone

Another “must have” personal safety item when traveling by car is a cell phone. Even if you’re one of what must be only a handful of people in this country who don’t like cell phones, you should definitely buy one and keep it in your car. Cell phones have saved many, many lives, and gotten thousands of people out of dangerous situations before trouble could strike. This is not an option – your personal safety demands that you have a working cell phone in your car. You may be thinking that you never use a cell phone in your day-to-day life, and it seems silly to spend lots of money on a phone and a monthly service plan on the off chance that it might come in handy in a dangerous situation some day. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a phone, or shell out big bucks for a costly plan with lots of airtime minutes if the phone is only for personal safety purposes. The prices of cell phones are coming down all the time, and you can find many excellent ones at a reasonable price. Your local discount mega mart probably has a wide selection of inexpensive cell phones, and so do many grocery stores. And don’t worry about a costly monthly plan – you can get a prepaid phone or a prepaid minutes plan, and you won’t have to pay for a whole lot of time that you won’t be using. (Just make sure before your trip that your minutes are still good, and haven’t expired.) There are even companies that sell mobile phones that will only dial 911. We don’t recommend that, as 911 may not be the only number you’d need to call in an emergency, but it’s one option for you to consider if you’re worried about cost.


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