Be Wary of Playing “The Good Samaritan”

Another practice which can be dangerous and unsafe, although very admirable, is being a good Samaritan. It’s natural to want to stop and help someone, but you can be endangering your life. It could be a setup for a robbery, rape, or other assault. Odds are it isn’t such a scam, but such things are hardly rare. There are some very bad people in the world, and things like that happen every day. Even if they mean you no harm, being on the side of a road with traffic is dangerous in and of itself – especially on freeways. Don’t ever stop to help someone on a freeway, period. Call someone for help.

If you stop, you run a very high risk of being hit and probably killed. It’s natural to want to help, but don’t risk getting hurt. Call professionals who are trained for these situations. Likewise, if you ever break down, it’s safest to stay in your car and call for help. If you’re on a freeway, it may be advisable to exit on the passenger side and get away from danger. Otherwise, stay in the car. People look for these situations to prey on victims, so play it safe.


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